Saturday, February 28

Monsoon inspired fiber book

The Monsoon has inspired poets, musicians and artists on the Indian subcontinent for centuries and it's my turn  to attempt capturing the moods of this season in a small fiber book which will measure approximately 4" x 6" when it's complete.
 Embroidery and applique. I'm exploring and creating a variation of how to make a fiber book. The process of making this little book will serve to make a tutorial which I have promised some visitors to the blog. I request some patience, the tutorial will be posted once the book is completed.  
The beginnings of another page. I'm using some of the natural dyed and rust dyed fabrics from my stash. The rusty washer found on my morning walk made that beautiful burning summer sun.

Change is in the air.

Have a good weekend.

Sunday, February 22

Natural material for packaging

Last week we were on a road trip and somewhere on NH 7 we saw men waving these conical packages. Curiosity got the better of us and we stopped to buy two. These are packages of Palmyra leaves.   
Knotted and tied with a couple of fronds. 
The palmyra leaf  opens to reveal five of six pods of the palmyra fruit.
The Palmyra leaf is circular in shape and has a naturally occurring accordion fold which aids the creation of the conical packages. Pure genius whoever created this package. 
Summer is round the corner. 
With the onset of the summer heat, the fruit of the Palmyra palm makes an appearance on the carts of   fruit sellers on the streets of every neighbourhood in the city. The fruit seller cuts open the fiberous  black fruit and removes three jelly like pods which are filled with a cool liquid. These jelly pods are just the thing to beat the summer heat.
Wish they would use the Palmyra leaf for packaging instead of the thin plastic bags which are ruining our environment.  
We've embraced the use of plastic for packaging and forgotten the use of natural materials for packaging.

Have a good week. 

Thursday, February 12


Senbazuru refers to sen - one thousand  tsuru - cranes.
I'm attempting to fold 1000 origami cranes this year.
My research has revealed I need to fold all one thousand myself and they can't be given away. 

First 100 of 1000. In Japan one can buy a senbazuru set which comes complete with paper, string and bead.  I'm putting a recycling angle to the challenge by using only paper flyers which I can get my hands on. 
An ancient Japanese legend promises a wish will be granted to the one who folds one thousand cranes. I'm hoping to fold a thousand cranes for a wish for someone very dear to me.

Keeping with tradition I'll be stringing 25 cranes on one length of string and the 40 strings of cranes will be hung  in a place  where the element will act on the paper cranes and as they fray and get tattered the wish shall be released.
The story of Sadako Sasaki has made the little origami crane a symbol of peace all over the world and  and I've read, that the Japanese space agency had the folding of a thousand cranes as a test for aspiring astronauts.

100 cranes folded and made, 900 to go. Would you like to learn to fold a paper crane? here's a link.

Thursday, February 5

It will make you Happy

The next found poem - It will make you happy.

It will make you happy

The joy outweighs the costs.
There is data - heroin makes you feel rare pleasure.
Memories of the highs brings joy.
Those moments few and far between, everybody ought to have it, 
because it will make them happy.

Wednesday, January 28

Super Matter

The second set of the English alphabet for A Letter A Week 2014 has now been compiled into a flag book. I call this book of Tamil slang - Super Matter. 
Everday Tamil is liberally sprinkled with English words. 
In Tamil these English words have meanings far removed from the original meaning in English 
The back of each letter has the english word or phrase in both the Tamil script and English.

Bright fluorescent colours for the flags in the flag book. In keeping with the love for bright colours whether its clothing, colours for exterior of houses and decor in Tamil Nadu.

 I've now made two books for ALAW 2014.
 One with the theme of place is  'Footprints and a Wishlist' and the second is Super Matter.
To read about the Engish words and their meaning in Tamil click here,
From e to h click here.
for the next four - i to l click here.
for those from m to p click here.
Click here for meanings of words from q to z, here.

To view the creations of all those who participated in A Letter A Week 2014 click here.
I was fortunate to participate in 2014 because ALAW has now come to an end.

Thursday, January 22

Spontaneous Combustion

Found poetry has caught my fancy. I decided I would find a poem daily and make a little tome of found poetry bound into a book with Japanese stab binding. It's going to be the book I make in 2015. 
I soon discovered a found poem daily was not happening and the other thing I figured was that if it was going to be found poetry there has to be an element of unexpected discovery so I'm looking to discover little gems without watching the clock and getting stressed out. 
This is the second poem using the newspaper blackout technique. Spontaneous Combustion. 
 Spontaneous Combustion
We touched
The result was spontaneous combustion.
How do you measure "really, really hot?"
I'm weaving magazine pages together to create the pages of the book. I feel it's in keeping with the whole found aspect of this book.Weaving and embroidery have found their way into the creation of these pages. This is the double spread for the first poem Layers of Flavours.

How has your week been thus far? Hope its been a time for unexpected discoveries.

Monday, January 12

Stitching Forever

If I didn't post anything here last week it's because I was stitching.
I completed a red-work,cross- stitch sampler which goes for framing along with the winter sampler.

The cross-stitched statement - Stitching forever.... Housework whenever! and a spray of flowers found a place on My World.

Hope your week is all about doing what makes you come alive. Now back to my stitching. I'm going to start another sampler :)