Thursday, April 17

Green - Roy G Biv 2014

Its that time of the month once again when the visual accompanying a number of blogs on my blog list will all be green and you know its time for Roy G Biv.

Here are my finds
A door with stickers stuck on it. There are layers, some have been torn off. The stickers have something in Chinese on them. This was in Hong Kong.

 Tea growing on the slopes of hills in Coonoor,Tamilnadu.

Food in India is traditionally served on a banana leaf. Chow Chow Baath is available at restaurants in Karnataka for breakfast.You get a serving of sweet semolina and a serving of savoury semolina which has vegetables like tomato and peas in it.

 Syzygium samarangene is a fruit known by many names - bell fruit, love apple, water apple, mountain apple, cloud apple. Never known a fruit to have so many names.

The General Elections are underway in India and the people in Bangalore and the rest of the state of Karnataka go to the polls today.
Go forth and rock the vote or else don't crib about the government. Be the change you want to see in India!

Happy Easter to all who will be celebrating this weekend.

Thursday, April 10

The Patchwork Garment

Here's an update of the patchwork and black work garment I'm making. Lots of pinning and tacking and then chain stitching together of patches.
Interesting rust patterns as a result of wrapping the fabric around a tangled strip of metal. The diagonal rust lines remind me of the coat of a marmalade cat.
That's the front of the garment. Its got a square neckline seemed the natural choice because my patches are rectangles and squares. I'm having second thoughts about the blackwork sprinkled inbetween...... kind of gets lost, so I'm thinking of doing away with it. What do you think?
That's as far as I've got. Part of the back has been assembled and joined to the front. This picture makes no sense I'm sure and I'm not going to try and unravel the mystery because I've tried typing out a couple of explanations but they make no sense. So I'll say no more and hope the picture speaks to you!!!!
More patches of rust and tea will be required for the sleeves.

How has the week been? It's hot here, the fans are running at top speed. Hoping for some showers to cool the place down. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 3

ALAW -an update

Eight letters required to complete the first set of the alphabet which incorporates 'place' in some way.
I've added D, I, T and Z.
D for Dubai, I for Istanbul, T for Tokyo and Z is for Zanzibar.
Dubai and Zanzibar I visited last year. Dubai is all glitz and glamour. Manmade structures which boast being bigger, taller, faster and better than anything seen before. In contrast was Zanzibar a little island paradise of blue seas and soft white sand beaches, the alleys and carved doorways of Stone Town, the brutality of the slave trade and Dr. Livingstone who set the wheels in motion to abolish it.
Istanbul and Turkey I would love to experience Tokyo for the ancient and ultra modern which coexist in harmony. To get a better understanding of kawaii, to try and taste all the different flavours of Kit Kat, buy origami paper and see something of the rich textile heritage that exists in Japan. I think I'l need atleast a couple of years, one visit won't do it.
I'm hoping to get my hands on a couple of different inflight magazines so I can cut out a few more alphabets.Friends have promised to bring them back from their business trips abroad.
There are going to be more purple alphabets than red going forward. I also need to work out some options of putting them together - accordion book is what I'm thinking of.
Click here to see how differently different people are incorporating place with regard to the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

On a separate note - I've become an affilate of Amazon and Flipkart. You will see the banners on the side bar. Should you wish to shop online I would appreciate it if you could click on the Amazon or Flipkart banners/buttons and make your purchases.Amazon and Flipkart will pay me a small percentage of the value of your transaction without increasing the cost for you by even a cent. Thank you and happy shopping.

Wednesday, March 26

Rusty Tangle

 At the building site of our home in Coonoor I found this tangled bit of metal, already rusty and full of promise.
I brought the tangled metal home. I tried cutting it with whatever I had but nothing worked. So it sat in the guest room like a piece of sculpture until a day or two ago. 

My Blackwork and Patchwork garment requires more patches. So I decided to douse the fabric in vinegar and wrap it around the rusty metal. It's hot and dry so I've been soaking the fabric wrapped parts under the  kitchen tap periodically.
The knot of twisted and tangled metal is my favourite part of the entire tangle. I wonder what this tangled metal is a leftover of.  
Small portion unraveled shows promise. Will do a post of the unravelled bits of fabric and the fabric that's stuffed and steeped in jars for a month now. 

On a separate note. I've started another blog called Take Diversion and  the tag line says 'for unexpected adventures'. Unexpceted adventures in food, travel, art, culture, places and people which don't find a place on Million Little Stitches but I feel are stories and experiences I'd like to share. Do take a look when you find the time and let me know what you think.

Thursday, March 20

Yellow - Roy G Biv 2014

Time for Yellow.
 Field of yellow samanthi flower, a type of chrysanthemum which is used to decorate temples and homes for festivals and pujas.  
Yellow Bells (Tecoma Stans) in full bloom.
Small pick up vehicles on their way from the factory to showroom. On the highway to Bangalore.
Flower sellers early in the morning. One forearm length - hand to elbow is the measure used for selling flowers. Behind the three women is parked a yellow and black autorickshaw. I use autos as they are called to get around. They get you from door to door, no road is too narrow, they zip around town effortlessly and they can accommodate three adults in the back. 
Flowers are tied with soft cotton thread and sold early in the morning. Women in South India buy lenghts of fresh flowers and wear it in their hair on a daily basis. Flowers are traditional adornment for women and the most popular flower to be worn is the white jasmine. In the picture above the orange flowers are worn in the hair, the rest of the flowers are bought to adorn temples, little altars in homes and offices, and even  buses and cars.  
Striking yellow wall in Hong Kong. Not sure what's written on the pieces of paper.
Bananas hung to ripen at Kamat Lokaruchi restaurant on the Bangalore Mysore highway. Gorgeous mural of people engaged in tilling and planting the fields done in a folk style. 

As you can see it isn't difficult to find yellow in India and I've gone over the five picture limit.
Julie and Jennifer will have a list of other yellow seekers.

To see what I found in 2013 click here.  

Tuesday, March 11

Malaysia - Escape to a truly Asian paradise

Tourism Malaysia and Blogadda have a contest that could win you a trip to Malaysia. All it takes is a  post about five experiences which would help you experience Malaysia as the truly Asian Paradise.

Here's my list.

In the state of Kedah I'd like to experience the Tree Top Walk at Sungai Sedim and get to view the unique flora and fauna of the rain forest walking fifty meters above the ground. 
Image : Tripadvisor

Onward to Pulau Redang in the state of  Terengganu. It will be a first for me to snorkel in the clear waters and view the coral, sea anemones and fish. Walk on the pristine white beaches, catch up on my reading and probably sample some sea food. What more could one ask for in paradise? Maybe I'll be inspired to pick up my paint brush and make a watercolour or two.  

Third on my list is the Sarawak Cultural Village also known as the Living Museum in the state of Sarawak. Of particular interest is the Pua Kumbu which is a resist dyed fabric woven on backstrap looms.It would be a pleasure to interact with the skilled craftspeople in residence at the cultural village.
Image: sarawak-vacation-destinations

Melaka is fourth on my list. Jonker Walk and the Melaka River cruise promise to be informative and culturally enriching. I'd like to try the unique cuisine of the Straits Chinese.

Experiencing Malaysia would be incomplete without exploring Kuala Lumpur. I'd like to take in a show at the Istana Budaya which has a distinctive building inspired by sirih junjung a traditional arrangement of betel leaves used in Malay weddings and welcoming ceremonies.
The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre , BBKLCC and the 'pasar malam' at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for some retail therapy and street food would round off the five experiences perfectly.               
I'm participating in the Malaysia Jao Blogathon association with Blogadda.

tourism-malaysia-contest-blogadda (2)

Friday, March 7

ALAW - Catching up

I joined ALAW 2014  in February and I had some catching up to do. Looks like I've gone ahead.  
 What have I added to the place alphabet.
J - Jersey City. Where I lived during our two year stint in the USA.
K - Kuala Lumpur. The city where we found ourselves ringing in the twenty frist century.
L - Leh.The place I did my first design project after graduating from design school. Its a place like no other I've been to, I thought I'd landed on the moon.
M - Macau
N -New York. What an amazing city.
P- Paris. Another amazing city I'd like to go back to and explore.
S - Silchar. Place of my childhood in eastern India amidst tea estates.
U - Udaipur, the city of lakes.
V - Varanasi. Ancient city on the banks of the river Ganges.

 My first letter mounted on purple paper a place I haven't been to yet and one that's on my wishlist. The purple colour is a bit off.
 X is for Xian in China where I would like to see the Terracotta Warriors.

Have a good weekend.